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Commercial insurance applies to almost any business and provides the necessary basic coverages including third-party bodily injury and property damage and legal expense.

Legal Expenses

Whether justified or not, a lawsuit can be costly. This type of policy may cover costs that arise from litigation.

Property Damage

Accidents that damage a third party’s property are always a possibility and can be expensive.

Bodily Injury

Whether you have clients who visit your premises, or you work remotely, there is the possibility of someone being injured. This policy can protect you from these types of claims.

Cost of Commercial Insurance

The cost of your commercial liability insurance policy can vary depending on many factors like revenue, location, and industry. A policy can start at low as $39 per month.

  • Having no previous experience in an industry is a factor that can make your insurance premium go up.

  • Just like with car or home insurance, previous claims can impact your business insurance cost.

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benefits of commercial insurance

Which businesses need commercial insurance?

All businesses, big or small, are exposed to risk and should have some form of business insurance.

  • Popular small businesses that need insurance:

    • Contractors
    • Consultants
    • Retail stores
    • Architects and Engineers

Commercial Insurance for every business

Running a small business is a ton of hard work and also a source of pride.

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