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Small Business Insurance may refer to a range of insurance policies that are applicable to small businesses. It’s an umbrella term that could include several important policies, such as:

General Liability Insurance

May provide protection in the event of bodily injury or property damage to a third party. Note: your own property will not be covered under this policy.

Professional Liability Insurance

Recommended for businesses that provide a service or advice to customers. Errors and omissions in service may lead to the service provider being held liable for damages.

Commercial Property Insurance

May cover damages to a business’s own property and assets. Highly recommended for businesses that own expensive machinery, equipment, offices, computers and servers, etc.

Cost of Small Business Insurance

The cost of small business insurance may vary tremendously from one business to another. Generally, the smaller your business the less you tend to pay.  Factors such as revenue, number of employees, years of experience and so forth, play a part in determining your premium.

  • Having no previous experience in an industry is a factor that can make your insurance premium go up.

  • Just like with car or home insurance, previous claims can impact your business insurance cost.

small business insurancce protection
why you need small business insurance

Which small businesses need insurance?

According to canadabusiness.ca, small businesses are exposed to a lot risk and every day and should have some form of small business insurance.

  • Popular small businesses that need insurance:

    • Contractors
    • Consultants
    • Retail stores
    • Architects and Engineers

Small Business Insurance for entrepreneurs

Running a small business is a ton of hard work and also a source of pride.

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