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Liability Insurance may refer to a broad range of policies that are designed to protect small businesses from the most common risks they face. Here are some common types of liability insurance policies:

Commercial General Liability

Coverage associated with liability for bodily injury and property damage to third-parties.

Directors and Officers Liability

Coverage for directors and officers of an organization in the event that they are held liable for negligence of duty.

Professional Liability

May protect businesses that provide a service from liability claims arising from errors and omissions in their service.

Cost of Liability Insurance

The cost of a liability Insurance policy will depend on many factors, such as what type of liability insurance policies you require and specifics related to your business (yearly revenue, number of employees, years of experience, etc).

  • Buying insurance upfront rather than in monthly instalments may drive down your premium.

  • Having more years of experience in your industry may get you a cheaper premium.

liability insurance protection
why you need liability insurance

Which businesses need liability insurance?

According to canadabusiness.ca, all businesses, big and small are exposed to risk and should have some form of liability insurance.

  • Popular small businesses that need insurance:

    • Contractors
    • Accountants
    • Retail stores
    • Medical Practitioners

Liability Insurance for every business

Running a small business is a ton of hard work and also a source of pride.

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